Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

New hinged container freight cars

Three sets of hinged Sggmrs 714/715 container cars were added to the fleet (Fleischmann catalog numbers 825304, 825310, 825315). With 6 axles and a length of 218 mm these are impressive freight cars. A test review can be found on the Dutch N-Spoorforum.

The 6-axle hinged container wagon is designed for the transport of containers and swap bodies in integrated train sets.
There is a crossing in the middle of wagon at the hinge. The wagon is corresponding to the UIC regulations in view of crossing to ferryboat, with it can roll the ferryboat ramp angle to 1°30‘ by curve radius 120 m.
It can roll in any load condition on the railway siding with the curve radius min. 75 m.
The wagon suits for 120 km/h and can operate with the max. axle load 22,5 t. The maximum axle load in regime s- and ss- follows the condotions of the relevant railway net, that it rolls on.
The wagon enables the transport of homogenous or mixed load configuration on the whole length of wagon:
a) without crossing the international moving dimensions – large containers of the length 20‘, 30‘, 40‘ and 45‘ and the height 8‘
b) Swap tanks type 1,2,3,3a and 4 to the max. length 13,6 m.
c) Swap bodies with the destination code C.

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