Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2015

DAF "DEMKA" truck from Artitec

I bought Artitec's DAF "Demka" today which is now the first truck to serve Valkenveld (Artitec No. 487.041.02).
Original DAF "DEMKA" on the premises of the N.V. Nederlandse Staalfabrieken DEMKA, previously J.M. de Muinck Keizer at Havenweg 7, Utrecht. The truck is carrying a load for Philips. More information on Demka can be found hier. Source: hetutrechtsarchief

Aerial image of the Demka steel works in Utrecht, 1923. Demka had connections via rail, road and the Amsterdam-Rijn-Kanaal. Today almost nothing reminds of this steel plant. Source: usineutrecht

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