Donnerstag, 10. September 2015

Ballasting completed

I finished ballasting yesterday. With the glue dried overnight, I want to do the final clean-up work today and finish it off with a drop of ATF oil. Check all tracks and remove ballast on unwanted spots. Finally, to ride a train again. And then, do some weathering on the rails and roadbed.

I had spread the work over many days, by doing small sections at a time and in-between other, non-railroading activities. The proces steps have been as follows:

1. Brush-paint the rail profiles with Humbrol Enamel No. 113. Clean the top of rails with a track cleaning gum.

2. Distributing the ballast, a mixture of Woodland Scenics products: 2x Fine Buff Beige, 1 x Fine Light Grey and 1 x Fine Grey to reflect a roadbed of the Netherlands in the early 1960s.

3. Using a brush, toothstick and fingers to ensure the ballast comes up to the ties but not on top of them. Also, keep the profiles free of ballast and be cautious with the switches.

4. Lightly spray water with a few drops of detergents over the tracks to wet the ballast. Be careful to not move too many "stones"

5. Fixing the ballast with the traditional mixture of 50% glue, 50% water and a few drops of detergent.

6. Removing ballast from unwanted spots using a fine brush and toothstick

7. Clean the top of the rails with a track cleaning gum. Check that rolling stock is moving freely and remove any stones in the wrong places.

8. Apply a tiny fraction of ATF oil and distribute by running a train over the tracks.

Testing the ballasted track

Applying ATF oil.

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