Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

Wissel omzetstoelen: let's throw some switches

Source: seinarm

Source: geheugenvannederland

Source: klassiekebeveiliging

I added throw bars (wissel omzetstoelen) by Artitec to my switches. These are dummies and not operational. As reported earlier, the switches are actually thrown by underground Tortoise motors. Still to be done: adding a wire to simulate the switch mechanism and ballasting around the throw bars.

Freitag, 29. Januar 2016

"Vrijbalken" added

Source: De wissel, opleiding en vorming, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, 1984

I made two "vrijbalken" out of H0 sleepers and painted them white. I found the prototype measurements in a handbook of the Dutch railways (thanks to Marco for the pdf of "De wissel, opleiding en vorming" produced by the Nederlandse Spoorwegen). The 100 x 25 cm vrijbalk equals 1.15 x 0.29 cm in H0. The book also states the positioning between the tracks. The minimum distance between tracks needs to be 4 m which equals 4.6 cm in H0 scale.

The German equivalent of a "vrijbalk" is the "Grenzzeichen". See wikipedia for more information.

Loenen. Source: janhof

Samstag, 16. Januar 2016

2067 in "Falkenfeld"

A first iPhone snapshot in the newly invented town of "Falkenfeld". I get more and more excited about the idea of a new module based on the Austrian Railways in the late 1980s. Once the Dutch Valkenveld is finished, of course...

Freitag, 15. Januar 2016

ÖBB 2067 from Roco bought

Valkenveld is situated in the Netherlands in the early 1960s. But as born Austrian I could not resist to add the completely new designed ÖBB 2067 from Roco to my rolling stock. It’s a wonderful little engine with amazing detail and sound effects. I purchased the color scheme as I have seen it myself in my youth. Obviously I will not run it in combination with my NS material, so a few freight cars of the late 80s/early 90s in Austria will be added soon. A perfect prototype for a small switching layout.

A video of the first tests can be found on flickr.

Testing the new 2067.

Roco's 2067.010 with a lenth of 120 mm. Source:

2067.82 on the Marchegger Ostbahn near Hausfeldstraße, 23 August 1985. Source: wikipedia
2067.087 in Woergl on 15 June 1989. Source: railroadpictures

Prototype details (source: Wikipedia)

Hersteller:SGP Wien-Floridsdorf
Spurweite:1.435 mm
Länge über Puffer:10.484 mm
Dienstmasse:49,5 t
Höchstgeschwindigkeit:65 km/h
Dauerleistung:440 kW
Anfahrzugkraft:148 kN

Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2016

Buffer stops

I bought three 3D-printed buffer stops (stootjukken) at the Nederlandse Modelspoordagen in Rijswijk and colored the frame mat black and the wooden bar red.

The 3D-printed buffers stops as bought..

..and painted and slighted weathered.
Buffer stop in Loenen. Source: janhof