Freitag, 15. Januar 2016

ÖBB 2067 from Roco bought

Valkenveld is situated in the Netherlands in the early 1960s. But as born Austrian I could not resist to add the completely new designed ÖBB 2067 from Roco to my rolling stock. It’s a wonderful little engine with amazing detail and sound effects. I purchased the color scheme as I have seen it myself in my youth. Obviously I will not run it in combination with my NS material, so a few freight cars of the late 80s/early 90s in Austria will be added soon. A perfect prototype for a small switching layout.

A video of the first tests can be found on flickr.

Testing the new 2067.

Roco's 2067.010 with a lenth of 120 mm. Source:

2067.82 on the Marchegger Ostbahn near Hausfeldstraße, 23 August 1985. Source: wikipedia
2067.087 in Woergl on 15 June 1989. Source: railroadpictures

Prototype details (source: Wikipedia)

Hersteller:SGP Wien-Floridsdorf
Spurweite:1.435 mm
Länge über Puffer:10.484 mm
Dienstmasse:49,5 t
Höchstgeschwindigkeit:65 km/h
Dauerleistung:440 kW
Anfahrzugkraft:148 kN

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