Sonntag, 27. März 2016

Backdrop trees

Showing Valkenveld for the first time at the Modelbouwvereniging Hilversum was great fun and with all the positive comments an encouraging experience. I will post a few images as soon as I will have time for it.

However, it was also a clear reminder that I want to continue with the still unfinished sections, mainly the backdrop area with the trees on the left side and the factory half-relief buildings. Also with the silo area (a half-relief building and a proper paving). And of course further detailing and weathering.

Especially the blank "blue sky" began to irritate me. So trees next. Most of them will be covered by the huge silos in the front, but I still want to do a proper job with regards to detailing of the scenery. This will allow my to take tunnel-like shots between the silo and woods.

The wall and trees are not fixed to the layout yet. So please mind the gap! All will be properly glued in place and covered by shrubs and plants growing against the wall.

From the building process. I painted a piece of wood dark green to cover the blue sky in the lower section. The board also supports the trees from the back, preventing the to tip over toward the tracks.

Glueing it all together.

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