Freitag, 1. April 2016

Corner project: a side building to the silos of "Hoekstra's Oliefabrieken"

I finished another small project, the facade of a factory building belonging to the silo area. The facade has an important role in closing off the left hand corner of the layout. The model is constructed of various Auhagen factory elements and other bits and pieces with individual touches with regards to colouring, roofing, etc.

The (fictional) history is that the silos and the side building are part of Hoekstra's Oliefabrieken. With "Hoekstra" being a funny reference to the corner placement of the factory and the similarity to Twijnstra's Oliefabriek N.V. in Maarssen (see my earlier entry).

Letterhead of Twijnstra's Oliefabrieken, 1930. On the short side of the huge silos a small building for pumping products onto Vessels on the Amsterdam-Rijn-Canal. Source: defabrique

Overview of the silo area with the recently completed tree line.

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