Samstag, 18. Juni 2016

RDM Factory: work in progress

I finally managed to do some more work on the RDM factory building. It's still work in progress but I am really pleased with the result so far.

I have weathered the Vollmer N scale brick sheets, multiple layers of dry-brushing white to grey, rubbing black Vallejo pigments in the almost dry paint and spraying thin layers of Modelmates rusty red and oil brown.

"Glass" was added and almost all red Evergreen strips are placed. Still some more to go... ...
Then the final touch up where colour is missing and more weathering needs to be done.

I have googled for factory interiors and will experiment with print-outs behind the glass. The windows are quite large and it might - if it works - quite well to see some machinery etc.
The black background you see on the images is a placeholder only.

Sonntag, 5. Juni 2016

RDM: Reederij Dieter Marquardt

Here some first images of my factory facade. As it is inspired by the RDM Werf in Rotterdam, I have baptized the building "Rederij Dieter Marquardt (RDM)" as a reference to the prototype. On my Valkenveld layout, the facade actually represents the backside of the building.

The original buildings in Rotterdam are a sort of modular system, in many shapes and sizes. I can therefore easily take the liberty to adjust the form to my needs on Valkenveld.

It consists of Vollmer N scale brick carton sheets on a 1x1 cm wooden frame. The bricks will be weathered later to remove the gloss and redness. Next I need to do the windows, sides and red lines (made of various sizes of Evergreen strips). The sheets were cut in such a way that the Evergreen strips will hide perfectly all transitions from one sheet to the next.

I am really pleased with the dimensions of the building and the additional height on the layout.

Freitag, 3. Juni 2016

A new idea for the backdrop factory facade: RDM Werf

Due to my current work I am regular visitor to the RDM Werf in Rotterdam, an inspiring place where submarines were used to be built. I particularly like the simple style of the brick façade with the red accents. So plans for the background factory building are in the process of being changed (again). I am really keen to get is done as next project, not to follow the prototype 1:1, but more as inspiration. The varying heights and sizes of the connected buildings make it an ideal prototype to be adjusted to the space on my layout and will be more interesting than a building with one straight topline.

More history here.