Sonntag, 5. Juni 2016

RDM: Reederij Dieter Marquardt

Here some first images of my factory facade. As it is inspired by the RDM Werf in Rotterdam, I have baptized the building "Rederij Dieter Marquardt (RDM)" as a reference to the prototype. On my Valkenveld layout, the facade actually represents the backside of the building.

The original buildings in Rotterdam are a sort of modular system, in many shapes and sizes. I can therefore easily take the liberty to adjust the form to my needs on Valkenveld.

It consists of Vollmer N scale brick carton sheets on a 1x1 cm wooden frame. The bricks will be weathered later to remove the gloss and redness. Next I need to do the windows, sides and red lines (made of various sizes of Evergreen strips). The sheets were cut in such a way that the Evergreen strips will hide perfectly all transitions from one sheet to the next.

I am really pleased with the dimensions of the building and the additional height on the layout.

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