Montag, 10. Oktober 2016

Backdrop scene fine-tuning

Two workers take a well-deserved break at the Valkenveld warehouse. The backdrop scene was changed slightly as I added more height with two more silo's and I weathered the oil tank.

The wire fence is from Model Scene (No. 48130) which I have spray-painted really, really thinly with a grey coat. The white oil tank is a left-over from Piko's Mineraloelhandel (No. 61834) and the dark tanks are from Auhagen (No. 80111) on which I closed off the top. They received a coat of "German grey". Nature is as usual a mixture of various Heki and Woodland Scenics materials. The ivy is from MiniNatur. The two non-working workers are from Noch (No. 15278).

Next step: some sand, dirt and weeds underneath the warehouse platform.

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