Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

Eurospoor 2016 conclusions

Three days of Eurospoor (plus one for setting all up) are an intense experience, but definitely worth it. Especially when you can enjoy operating a shelf-switching layout with a length of almost 7m with two other great guys, Marco and Jasiu.

I am really pleased with the looks and the technical performance of Valkenveld! Three days of smooth operations without a single technical problem. All engines crept slowly over the tracks switching and dispatching cars to the other modules. We mainly operated with Roco NS 2400 locomotives which are a real joy. The light and sound effects installed by Marco drew the attention of many visitors.

Valkenveld and the other modules received a lot of compliments and positive feedback which is really encouraging. It was great to hear that many visitors saw our modules that fit almost any home as inspiration.

Many commented that the impression of depth was really good, despite the real layout depth of only 30cm. They also felt that the scenes were not overcrowded and represented the 1960s in the Netherlands well.

Our next outing will be the Open Day of the OMC on 12 November 2016 in Hilversum.

The whole set-up with 5 modules, except the fiddle yard on the left.

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