Montag, 28. November 2016

ÖBB Rh 2143 ordered

Roco's model of OeBB 2143.009-5 will soon join the fleet of my Austrian section "Falkenfeld" (Roco No. 72719). 
With the Valkenveld module (almost) complete, I am starting to make new plans. One immediate one will be the extension of a "mini-fiddle yard" for Valkenveld. The idea is to make it easier to switch locomotives without having to touch them by hand when removing them from the layout.

The second is to become serious with a diorama or module with an Austrian theme, "Falkenfeld" if you wish. Located in the East of Austria and timed in the second half of the 1980s, i.e. after the "computer numbering" was introduced but still all rolling stock in the "Blutorange" color scheme.

I already have a 2045 and 2067 in possession and have just ordered a - difficult to obtain - Roco model of ÖBB Rh 2143 (Roco No. 72719). The model is superdetailled and I can hardly await its arrival.

2143.55 with a short passenger train in Grafenschlag, 1986. Source: wikipedia

An overview of Rh 2143 images can be found here, here and here.

The model (in the unfortunate Valousek design) is tested in a Youtube video:

Information on the prototype can be found on wikipedia. The 2143 will be my "strongest" locomotive so far. I photographed a 2143 in operation on the Gutensteinerbahn last summer.

Spurweite:1435 mm (Normalspur)
Länge über Puffer:15.760 mm
Drehgestellachsstand:2.500 mm
Gesamtradstand:10.500 mm
Kleinster bef. Halbmesser:100 m
Dienstmasse:65 t
Radsatzfahrmasse:16,25 t
Höchstgeschwindigkeit:110 km/h
(2143.01–33 100 km/h)
Installierte Leistung:1.115 kW (1.495 PS)
Anfahrzugkraft:196 kN
Treibraddurchmesser:950 mm
Zugheizung:Motor: SGP S 108a
Generator: ABB-MQ BEK 212 spezial
Nennleistung: 240 kW bei 1000 V
Kupplungstyp:Turbogetriebe: Voith L 720 rU2
Achsgetriebe: SGP-AVD 240/175

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