Freitag, 4. November 2016

Updated track plan

I received a number of questions concerning the track plan of Valkenveld at the Eurospoor exhibition. So here is an updated version.

Here a plan in Anyrail. Valkenveld was not built using individual RocoLine tracks as this plan suggests. 

I adapted the original Inglenook plan to accomodate my needs:

1) The original plan was 4 x 1 feet (ca. 120 x 30 cm) which is fully sufficient for short British freight cars. For my Dutch 1960s layout I added another foot in length to allow usage of longer cars. As the two shortest track have an effective length of 36 cm, the longest three cars on my layout can be 12 cm each.

2) I placed the yard lead towards the back end instead of the front. This gives me better viewing of the trains with most scenery in front of them. This also allows better photography angles. Many model railroads have the track too close to the front edge which gives a toy-like feeling.

3) I wanted to have the longest track most to the front. Most of the switching is taking place on that track giving me easy access. Also, it allows me to model it as team track giving me plenty of opportunities to vary scenes of loading and unloading of various car types. In terms of variation and freight traffic I am a real fan of team tracks!

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