Montag, 23. Januar 2017

Inspiration: Modelspoordagen Rijswijk

Last year, I was very enthousiastic about the Modelspoordagen in De Broodfabriek in Rijswijk. One of the smaller event, but with high quality layouts and a sales area that does not overwhelm you. Just right for a few hours and lots of inspiration.

This year, it seemed there were fewer layouts and I missed essential stands with products I was looking for (there was little in high-quality scenery materials and paint). But my overall impression is still positive. There were a few layouts that I found really inspiring. Most of these had been shown on earlier events like Ontraxs, but were new for me. Anyway, seeing a great layout back can never do any harm. There is always something new to discover.

I particularly liked:

Midsommar pa Högskogen: a simple, Swedish themed oval layout with only three switches in the visible area but still interesting operations and very nice detailing.

The Fridge: a US themed switching layout that uses cassettes as fiddle yard on both ends. I am currently exploring if cassettes could be an option for me as well. 

Western Rhapsody: another finely detailed US layout, however much bigger with longer trains running.

Het Venhuizer Spoortje: the track layout of this Dutch layout is a bit too simplistic for me and operations did not grab my attention. However, the scenery detailing and reflection of Dutch countryside was sublime.

Here some videos shot by other hobbyists (mainly from Ontraxs) and some own images:

Cassette system on The Fridge

Het Venhuizer Spoortje

Midsommar pa Högskogen

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