Samstag, 1. April 2017

New fiddle yard

Am I getting sentimental?

It seems the more I plan for the new layout and think of track plans and operations, scenes and buildings, frame construction and lighting fascias, the more I want to keep my current layout. I am obviously not "finished" with it yet...

There is so much to improve, detail to add, scenes to perfect - but most importantly, believe it or not, I enjoy the short, zen meditation-like operating sessions on this tiny Inglenook layout! There is no effort involved, just start a Diesel locomotive and switch a few cars to their destination and form a new train.

As I have now more room available and to add some more fun, I built a small fiddle yard as extension. This two track yard allows me to get more variation in locomotives and cars on the layout without having to touch the rolling stock with my hands.  And it is nice to have a "wider world" where the trains can actually go to. In an operating session the new fiddle yard represents the station "Valkenveld Goederen", the starting point of my industrial spur. One of the two trains is the "morning train", the other one the "afternoon train".

The yard is 95 x 15 cm with one turnout and built from materials I had at home. The rails are trusted RocoLine with 2.1 mm profiles. I built the yard without usage of glue, so all rails etc. can be reused for a later project if necessary.

It's a small yard but offering much additional operational variation. Both tracks have a length to hold a locomotive and 4 freight cars.

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