Freitag, 29. September 2017

Artitec Dg 2519

Whilst planning for the new ÖBB layout “Puchstein” is in full swing and I actually already started with the construction of a station building, I cannot resist to add rolling stock to my current “Valkenveld” layout. Especially not when Artitec finally launched the long promised NS DG caboose. I bought art. no. 20.214.02  with NS number D 2519. It will be a nice new feature in my Inglenook operating sessions.

First service of D 2519 to Valkenveld.

Artitec No. 20.214.02

Per coincidence, I also found the same day reading material for the coffee breaks of the crew in an antiquarian bookstore: two "Dick Bos" comic books; No. 54, Hulp op komst, and No. 62, Erfgenaam gezocht. Both date back to 1966, perfectly fitting the Valkenveld time period.

Dick Bos was a famous detective character of Dutch artist Alfred Mazure. The books were published between 1940 and 1967. The real story of how Alfred Mazure developed and published his comics during German occupation is a fascinating story in itself (see here).

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