Montag, 30. März 2020

Engine Shed Interior

A few images from the Elmslohe engine shed. I have taken these pictures to determine the best usage of the interior space and view through the windows. The engine shed itself is from the Auhagen "Bahnhof Neukloster" set (No. 1503), some of the machinery is from Busch (No. 1185) that I painted and weathered, plus some additions from my collection of small bits and pieces. The people working in the shed are obviously steam fans. The posters are out of railway magazines, actually from covers of advertised book titles. I still want to add more details like a lamp and some papers and tools for the work desk. But in general I am quite pleased with the overall look and feel of the scene.

Freitag, 20. März 2020

Bleichert Raupenkran RK3 "Mitschurin" for Elmslohe

I did a small project whilst I am mostly busy with the new "Elmslohe" layout, a terminus of a short line in Northern Germany: an RK3 "Mitschurin" crane by the company "Bleichert" (kit from Auhagen, No. 41647). The crane will be used mostly on the Elmslohe layout but might occasionally appear on the Valkenveld layout as well.

I weathered the model with a.o. Vallejo Model Color "Burnt Umber" and Tamyia XF-1 Flat Black. After I have taken the below images I also applied some rust with Vallejo Brown Iron Oxide and coated the whole model in Vallejo Matt Varnish.

I still want to add some features that were not part of the Auhagen kit, like the lights and electric cable that provided the power for the crane.

Source: pinterest

Presentation of the RK3 "Mitschurin" crane at the autumn exhibition (Herbstmesse) in Leipzig, 1952. Sources: wikipedia and wikiwand

Der Raupenkran 3 „Mitschurin“ bestand aus dem Oberwagen des ADK 3. Bei der Firma Bleichert entstanden im Zeitraum von 1953 bis 1960 507 Stück. Weitere 170 Stück wurden dann bis 1965 im VEB Förderanlagen „7. Oktober“ in Magdeburg produziert. Dort wurde dann auch das Modell RK 3/1 in einer Stückzahl von 255 von 1963 bis 1965 gebaut. Der Raupenkran 3 wurde durch ein Kabel mit Energie versorgt.

Dienstag, 3. März 2020

Noordhollandse Modelspoordagen in Alkmaar

Last weekend, I have exhibited Valkenveld together with the modules "Looseinde" and "Ergernisse" of friends Marco and Jasiu at the Noordhollandse Modelspoordagen in Alkmaar. This time we used a lot of "Period IV" material, like the new Sik from Roco and the 2200 from Piko. Especially the new Roco Sik drew lots of attention and all visitors were amazed by the model.

Overview of Valkenende, Looseinde and Ergernisse in Alkmaar.

For the first time we introduced a corner module, built by Jasiu, to good effect, as the fiddle yard is now more hidden.

Montag, 2. Dezember 2019

"Modern Railtransport": Freight traffic in The Netherlands

A highly interesting film by Herman Wassenaar documenting the "modern railtransport" by NS in The Netherlands.

Montag, 14. Oktober 2019

Valkenveld in the 1970's

In the run-up to the exhibition in Edegem, Belgium on the next weekend, here a shot from Valkenveld in the 1970's. Photo by Marco van Zelst

Sonntag, 29. September 2019

Progress on smaller, but fun, Elmslohe projects

I was working on smaller projects for the Elmslohe layout: a side building to the station building and a rail scale.

The station side building is almost finished. Still need to apply some details like rain pipes, chimney, do some coloring and weathering, etc. This will be done once I am happy with the led lighting (want to install a whiter led than the current yellowish one).

Construction mania.

A glimps into the small shed where I stalled the station bike.

Night-time glimps.

The Elmslohe weighing scale.