Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Introduction: humble beginnings

It had to happen one day. Just a week or two ago my son (3) discovered the "magic white box" that has not seen daylight for years. The box contains my youth sins; read: my N scale rolling stock. Or at least the material that had survived more than a dozen removals to various cities and countries. It was like birthday, Christmas and Easter in one for him and my daughter (5).

I had to do something with their "let the trains run" shouts. Quickly I built a circle with the only available tracks. Ideas emerged for a proper layout and many thoughts on how to combine all wishes: a sturdy "play" layout for the kids, a properly detailed section for me, all fitting in the available space.

All this turned into the following concept:
  • 3-in-1 concept: a module that can be used as a test layout, storage and switching yard and "kids playground";
  • The possibility to extend with properly detailed and scenicked N modules.
Starting with the test layout/fiddle yard would allow me to practice long forgotten skills and to allow the kids to quickly run some trains.

I start this blog at a way too early stage as I don't know the theme or period for the extensions yet. So bear with me as you will see standard tracks on a basic wooden frame for a while...

The "magic white box" and the first circle with the only available track material...

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