Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

Cork and two bridges

I laid the cork strips for the roadbed of the four main tracks (from Jeweha N-scale). The only track missing is the junction to the single track line. This will be added as soon as I have received the Peco turnouts. The cork on the images is already glued to the board, the tracks are loose.
I quickly built two bridges from cardboard to get an impression of how it will look like. The idea is that the bridge on the left hand side is an older one made of bricks, the other one was just recently built for a new road to Valkenveld.

The two tracks on  the left are of the double track main line. The ones to the right of the freight and depot sidings.

The modern bridge spans currently wider than necessary as the junction track of the single track line still has to be added on the right hand side.

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