Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

NS 2200 from Piko

I could not resist the temptation to buy Piko's wonderful model of the NS 2200 in the original red-brown livery. I know it doesn't fit the brief of modern Diesel traction. So I fell back to the old model railroaders' trick and founded the VSV, the "Valkenveldse Spoor Vereniging" that runs specials with their restored NS 2297.

The looks and details of the model are very convincing. I am not so sure about the driving characteristics though. Once the 2200 gets going all is fine. But starting off with slow speeds is most of the times not possible. The model requires a substantial - and not realistic - opening of the throttle to get going. Could it be the Uhlenbrock decoder that causes the trouble?

Information (in Dutch) on the 2200 series can be found here.

Visit Nico Spilt's site for old images of the 2200 (here).

Information on placing the decoter here.

Piko's NS 2297

NS 2219 in Hilversum, 5 april 1969. Source: nicospilt

NS 2216 in Amersfoort, 22 september 1969. Source: nicospilt

NS in Hilversum, 9 april 1969. Source: nicospilt

Three 2200 lead a train through Hilversum, 8 september 1969. Source: nicospilt

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