Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

Valkenveld goes digital

Valkenveld entered the DCC era with the installation of the Roco Multimaus system. Kato's Class 66 and Piko's G1206 locomotives are already equipped with decoders.

Roco's Multimaus

For a while I was undecided between the Multimaus and Z21 systems. There are some advantages to the Z21 tablet-based system like no cables to the layout and easier addition of more engineers. However, the haptic experience of the Multimaus convinced me personally more. And it is a proven, reliable and simple throttle.

On the fiddle yard section, the switches are still thrown in the existing analog system. On the Valkenveld micro-layout, the switches are anyway hand-thrown.

Pay attention with the decoder installation in Kato's Class 66 model. The decoder might block the headlight and needs to be pulled up a bit. A good article (in German) can be found here.

Decoder in Kato's Class 66. Source: 1zu160

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