Sonntag, 27. September 2015


Walthers' Medusa Cement kit could be a good base for Valkenveld (Walthers Cornerstone No. 3019; 22.5x17.5x27.5cm)

Plan is to cover the left-hand end of my small Inglenook-style layout with a silo complex. I like big industrial buildings that dwarf the trains. I will use the Medusa Cement kit from Walthers as base.

As my layout is situated in the Netherlands of the early 60's, I was looking for actual prototypes. And found one not far off my current home-town. Silo 61 is a complex in Maarssen. The number refers to the building date which fits perfectly to my layout timeframe.

"Silo 61" for the storage of grain in Maarssen. Source: DeFabrique

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