Freitag, 29. Januar 2016

"Vrijbalken" added

Source: De wissel, opleiding en vorming, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, 1984

I made two "vrijbalken" out of H0 sleepers and painted them white. I found the prototype measurements in a handbook of the Dutch railways (thanks to Marco for the pdf of "De wissel, opleiding en vorming" produced by the Nederlandse Spoorwegen). The 100 x 25 cm vrijbalk equals 1.15 x 0.29 cm in H0. The book also states the positioning between the tracks. The minimum distance between tracks needs to be 4 m which equals 4.6 cm in H0 scale.

The German equivalent of a "vrijbalk" is the "Grenzzeichen". See wikipedia for more information.

Loenen. Source: janhof

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