Sonntag, 17. April 2016

New showcase

A year ago, on 18 April 2015, I started my H0 journey in addition to my N scale railroading projects. It all started with an NS 2200 from Roco. In the meantime, my small layout Valkenveld is pretty advanced. To celebrate the occassion I treated myself to a showcase (ordered from "Showvitrines").

The shown "test filling" consists of a very diverse mix of old and new models: the two bottom rows contain roughly 30 year old analog N models, an ÖBB 1044 and BR 03, both from Roco; the 4th row from the top digital N models representating motive power that runs or has run in The Netherlands (from Brawa, Kato and Piko), the third row from top an N scale NS 2200 from Piko and the top two rows H0 material including a Roco NS 2200.

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