Montag, 7. November 2016

Weathering NS 2437

I did a first layer of weathering on my Roco NS 2437. I applied a light wash of Humbrol enamel mat black and Humbrol enamel thinner to remove the shiny plastic look and blacken/highlight the gratings and doors. Excess paint was removed with a cloth. I also treated the bogies with the same black wash to remove the shine. However, more weathering still needs to be done to add a brownish, rusty color typical for bogies.

I prefer a visible, but quite "light" weathering on my engines. I also want to take some pictures on the layout with the proper lighting before continuing. This will give me a better view on how much more is needed to achieve the look I finally want to achieve.

The workspace ready for weathering.
The body of NS 2437 as it came out of the box, i.e. before weathering.

This image and below with the black wash as first layer of weathering.

Current state of NS 2437 on the layout.

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