Montag, 9. Januar 2017

A real life Inglenook: Velbert Süd in Germany

While reading through an old MIBA publication (Ulrich Rockelmann: 80  Bahnhofspläne, MIBA Verlag, 1989) I came across a station plan that seemed almost an exact copy of an Inglenook layout: the Güterladestelle Velbert Süd in Germany as it existed until the 1970s.

This small freight yard has originally been part of a larger station, the end point Velbert on the line from Wülfrath. When the line got extended from Velbert to Kettwig the planners ran into a problem: the local situation did not allow a simple extension of the existing station. Therefore a new through station was built and named Velbert Hauptbahnhof. 

The old station was ultimately reduced to a small freight yard. The yard consisted of three tracks and Trains had to be pushed into the station via the yard lead - exactly as in Valkenveld or any other Inglenook-style layout. As a special feature the yard lead included a switch and industrial track. Due to the limited size trains often had to be broken up to reach the industry and yard. Very much a model railroad-like situation!

Scan from Ulrich Rockelmann: 80 Bahnhofspläne, MIBA Verlag, 1989, page 54.

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