Montag, 30. Januar 2017

Inspiration: Distelweg, Amsterdam

Planning for the new layout in the new room continues. Most probably I will stick to the original theme of Valkenveld, a freight short line in the early 1960s in The Netherlands. This allows lots of operations with short trains and many industries. On the available space of 250 cm length it also seems the only viable option when I do not want to shorten track lengths dramatically or overload the space with tracks.

I came across a particularly interisting prototype that could form an important inspiration: the former freight line on the Distelweg in Amsterdam. This line is perfectly described with many images on the site of the AGA museum. The website even features a list of industries and which car types and loads they have seen. Below are some images from the site and a first track plan option for my layout inspired by this prototype.

Source of all plans and images: AGA Museum

Plan by Jaap Veldhuis for a modular layout of Distelhaven.

Below my own interpretation fitting my l-shaped layout room. Thematically this layout fit perfectly to my existing Valkenveld layout with lots more of switching operations. I did not include the ferry as this would take away too much room. However, I am thinking of a quayside allowing shiploads to be transfered to freight cars. The layout is 250 cm long and on the L 110 cm deep. The curved track furthest to the right on the L is the main coming into the yard. This track could lead to a cassette-style fiddle yard or even the existing Valkenveld layout.

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